Located in the vibrant heart of Rotterdam, Netherlands, Holland Harbour has steadily emerged as a testament to independent film and TV production. Founded in 2000 by producers Rob Vermeulen and Nadadja Kemper, the company has grown over the years into a supportive environment for writers and directors.


From our inception, our primary focus was on producing children’s series and documentaries tailored to specific broadcasters and distributors. Over time, we embarked on a journey to produce films and series for a broader, international audience. Our productions have been showcased by television networks across the globe and have screened and earned recognition at international film festivals such as Hot Docs, IDFA, Moscow Film Festival, IFFR, and Karlovy Vary, to name a few.

At Holland Harbour, it’s not just about producing content; it’s about creating narratives that matter. We pride ourselves on our deep-seated commitment to addressing societal subjects, and crafting compelling stories with a vast audience in mind. Every project we undertake resonates with our dedication to reflecting the world’s complexities.


Nadadja Kemper embarked on her professional journey as a dedicated producer. After committing herself fully to producing, Nadadja ventured into the field of writing. Her debut family feature “The Legend of Longwood,” was sold to more than 70 countries and was showcased and awarded at various international film festivals. Alongside her role as a writer, Nadadja consistently upholds her commitment as a creative producer, playing a pivotal role in most of Holland Harbour projects.

Rob Vermeulen started his career as a documentary director, soon finding his true calling in the intricate world of production. Specializing in the multifaceted business aspects of the industry, he has been instrumental in fostering an international sales, financing, and distribution framework for Holland Harbour. Presently, his efforts are channeled towards procuring funding for a range of productions.


Holland Harbour is more than a mere production house; we actively initiate projects we deem vital, such as our latest documentary about the Dutch incapacity to cope with its colonial past. With commitment to quality, originality, and societal relevance, we aim to consistently produce content that not only engages but also makes a lasting impact.


We are proud of the enormous success of In-Soo Radstake’s documentary feature, “Selling a Colonial War,” which premiered to critical acclaim at IDFA 2023. This groundbreaking film delves deep into the narrative spun by the Dutch government during the Indonesian War of Independence, uncovering hidden ambitions and challenging long-standing narratives. Since its premiere, “Selling a Colonial War” has continued to captivate audiences in cinemas across the Netherlands, shedding light on previously concealed chapters of history.

Notably, the film was in international competition at IDFA 2023, where it was nominated for Best Dutch Documentary and awarded the IDFA Reframe Award. Director In-Soo Radstake’s exceptional work has also been recognized by his peers, earning him a nomination for Best Documentary Director by the Dutch Directors Guild. Additionally, Radstake’s investigative efforts in the documentary were honored with Holland’s most prestigious journalism award.


In addition to the ongoing successes of “Selling a Colonial War,” we’re thrilled to unveil our latest project in development: “Look like Jackie,” directed once more by In-Soo Radstake. In this documentary the filmmaker is exploring the blurred lines between racial identity and celebrity culture through a unique quest to meet with his doppelgänger Jackie Chan. This project is supported by the Dutch Film Fund and has already garnered international interest in this early stage.

At Holland Harbour, we find ourselves on the cusp of another cinematic adventure, hand in hand with the Oscar-nominated powerhouse, Savage Film, and the visionary executive producer, Brandon Cronenberg. We’re thrilled to announce “Möbius,” the latest sci-fi odyssey directed by the acclaimed Richard Raaphorst. Fresh off the heels of his award-winning short film “Gnomes”—which clinched the coveted Méliès d’argent Award at the Sitges film festival—Richard, as a creative producer, is joining forces with director Ruwan Heggelman to create a feature film for “Gnomes” in a co-production with “Stranger Things” producer 21 Laps Entertainment and Sony Pictures International.

But “Möbius” stands as its own marvel. Crafted by the talented screenwriter Eron Sheean, it’s a gripping tale of a scientist plunged into despair after losing her partner to a daring physics experiment. Her desperate quest to reclaim her lost love challenges the very boundaries of reality. “Möbius” is an exploration of love, loss, and the devastating transformation that stems from such profound grief. The shoot for “Möbius” is scheduled in the winter of 2024/2025.


If you’re interested in exploring a collaboration or diving deeper into what we offer, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us at: – You’ll find our offices at Zomerhofstraat 60, 3032CM Rotterdam, The Netherlands.